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Logical solutions for complex challenges.

Providing expert guidance for the evolving pharmaceutical landscape.


Helping industry pioneers drive progress


Think twice, think 2Logical.


2Logical is a Portuguese based and globally operating Market Research and Consulting Firm, known for the development of innovative and digital solutions.


We help businesses of all sizes in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector succeed and remain competitive.


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Sales Data

Our monthly sales data of medicines and health products from Angola and Mozambique provides our clients with a comprehensive understanding of the African health and pharmaceutical markets. This data includes information on sales volume, product categories, and distribution channels. It also tracks trends in consumption patterns and preferences of consumers in these regions.

In addition to our data on Angola and Mozambique, we also provide vet sales data for the region of Portugal. This data can help you understand the veterinary market in Portugal and make informed decisions about your business.


Oncology data you can rely on

2Logical’s new brand dedicated to providing comprehensive cancer data and analysis. OncoLogic’s team possesses the technical expertise and vast network of contacts that enable us to provide a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the data we provide.

With Oncologic, you can trust that you are receiving the most reliable and relevant information available in the field of oncology.



Let's transform the future of healthcare 2gether.

Avenida 25 de Abril de 1974, 15 - Piso 0, A/B/C

Edifício Cyprium

2795-195, Linda-a-Velha

Algés, Portugal

+351 211 307 542

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