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When it comes to the Angolan and Mozambican markets, 2Logical is your strategic partner

When 2Logical was started back in 2014, the Angolan and Mozambican markets were the primary focus of our operations and they remain an integral part of the company's business today.


Our deep understanding of the local dynamics, culture, and market intricacies positions us as a reliable partner to help companies in the health and pharmaceutical sectors grow their businesses in Angola and Mozambique.

In order to provide our clients with the most relevant insights and comprehensive solutions, we gather valuable data from several sources. These include distributors, Healthcare Professional Associations as well as Government and Non-Governmental Organizations in both countries. Our data-driven approach allows us to stay updated with the latest market trends and dynamics, which in turn, allows our clients to make well-informed decisions for your business.



Understanding the African health market is crucial for sustainable growth. We provide you with monthly sales data of medicines and health products from Angola and Mozambique. This data is key in finding insights into market trends, consumption patterns, and consumer preferences in these regions. Thanks to this knowledge, our clients can make data-driven decisions, develop targeted marketing campaigns and optimize product offerings to better meet the needs of customers.


Stepping into the Angolan and Mozambican markets can be both exciting and challenging. Our experienced consulting team is here to support our clients throughout the process. Whether you are a new entrant or an established business looking to expand, we offer tailor-made strategies to navigate the unique landscapes of both regions successfully.



Take advantage of our e-mail marketing, telemarketing, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services to reach your target audience and build lasting relationships with your customers. Our data-driven marketing strategies will help your business enhance brand visibility, generate leads and drive growth in these two markets.


Let's transform the future of healthcare 2gether.

Torre de Monsanto | Rua Afonso Praça nº30,Piso 4 Esq.


1495-061 Miraflores, Algés, Portugal

+351 211 307 542

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